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Fake checks come in many forms. They might look like business or personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or a check delivered electronically. If you are not sure about an AFCU check’s validity, make sure to call AFCU at (800) 795-2325 option 5 to verify if it is valid before attempting to deposit it. This is the best way to avoid being the victim of check fraud. Click here for additional information to help you spot, avoid, and report fake check scams.

Receive a $50 bonus in your AFCU Savings Account when you refer a new member who opens an AFCU Account by December 31, 2021*. Plus, the person you refer can also receive $50 in their new AFCU Account! 

APPLY ONLINE:  Click here to apply.  Answer “Yes” when asked “Are you applying with the Refer a Member in December promotion?”  To ensure you receive your $50 bonus, be sure to have your referral enter your name as the sponsoring member.

APPLY IN BRANCH:  Have your referral mention the Refer a Member in December promotion and your name as the referring member to the assisting AFCU Team Member.  

*Refer A Member in December promotion valid from December 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Receive a $50 bonus in your AFCU Savings Account when you refer a new member in December to Aerospace Federal Credit Union (AFCU). The referring member must have a recurring direct deposit of $100 or more into an AFCU Account to qualify. The new member (must meet the AFCU field of membership qualifications) will also receive $50 into their new AFCU Savings Account if they submit their application for AFCU membership by December 31, 2021 and have a recurring direct deposit of $100 or more into an AFCU Savings or Checking Account by January 31, 2022. A direct deposit is not requirement for new members ages 18 or under. Qualifying direct deposits consist of a paycheck or payroll deposit from your employer, pension payment, Social Security payment, or other government benefits payment electronically deposited into an AFCU Savings or Checking Account. AFCU reserves the right to request documentation that the direct deposits qualify. The $50 bonuses will be credited to qualifying AFCU Savings Accounts by February 28, 2022 once the recurring direct deposits have been verified. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

It is an honor and a privilege as President and CEO of the AFCU to share my insight and perspective on our credit union as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of serving the membership. 

I started my tenure at the AFCU in 1997, as a senior manager responsible for the finance and data processing arms of the credit union, before being provided the opportunity to serve in my current capacity in January 2001.  It has been an amazing journey and a lot has changed since the onset of my arriving on campus, but much has stayed the same in terms of the core reason why the AFCU has remained successful over the years.

In my early indoctrination to the AFCU, the credit union was known in the industry as the credit union that rewarded its members with dividend rates on their savings dollar that was by far, hands down, simply the best.  In fact, our practice of paying dividends at or near the top of market rates earned us the distinction as the credit union that paid “better than average” dividend rates. It was not uncommon during those early days where colleagues from other credit unions would inquire on how we were able to pay dividends at such a high level, and even more interesting, would ask if they could join the AFCU and reap the benefits of membership. With a subtle frown to register my disappointment, I would advise them that they were not in the field of membership, and therefore, could not partake in the rich rewards of being an AFCU member.

In reflecting on sixty years of success, was it our ability to pay better than average dividend rates the differentiator that made the AFCU unique? Well, not exactly, because the AFCU was also known as a shop to have extraordinarily low and competitive loan rates, charged next to nothing in terms of fees for the services provided to the membership, and operated a business model that produced one of the most efficient credit unions in the industry.
While all those attributes were monumental in our ability to transition from what we called a “plain vanilla” credit union, which only offered a savings account and a handful of consumer loans, to a credit union that we now affectionately describe as “neapolitan”, because in addition to the base line of products and services, we now offer share certificate accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, and a host of mortgage products, our true success over the years is, in two words, the membership.

In the beginning, the founders of the AFCU, recognized the value of pooling their saving dollars and lending to one another, and subscribing to the credit union philosophy of “people helping people”. Our common bond, created through our association with The Aerospace Corporation, is a relationship that sets the AFCU apart and is deeper than any other relationship that you may have with another financial institution.
To that end, as we recognize the inception of the AFCU on November 30, 1961, and celebrate its 60th anniversary, I encourage you to optimize your relationship with the AFCU, because you and your membership are the core reason for the ongoing success of the credit union. Together, we can continue to make a difference and provide financial opportunities for those in our extended AFCU family. 

On behalf of my fellow team members, the AFCU Board of Directors and host of other volunteers, “thank you”, for making the journey from our humble beginning to where we are today, outstanding!

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