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Introducing Our Rate Match Challenge

Marketing Dept. on June 1, 2014 | 0 comments

Get Ready! Get pre-approved with AFCU.
Get Set! Find the NEW car of your dreams.
Go! Know you got the best financing available with the AFCU Rate Match Challenge.

At AFCU, we know the following three things to be true:

  1. We have great auto loan rates compared to other financial institutions.
  2. You (our members) like to keep your loan business with the credit union you know and trust.
  3. Occasionally our members receive exceptional offers from dealers for new vehicle financing. This can be in the form of lower rates and/or longer terms than AFCU’s stated auto loan rates.

On June 1, 2014, AFCU implemented a Rate Match Challenge program. If you find yourself in the situation described above in number three, bring us a copy of the purchase contract and we’ll try to match your rate and/or term so you can keep your loan with the credit union. Why is this actually a better deal? As a member-owned cooperative, the income earned on your loan is returned to you in the form of higher savings rates, lower fees, more free services, and low loan rates. The income earned on interest charged by the dealer does not get returned to you (indirectly or otherwise). Use this new program to stick with your credit union and get an even better deal on your next new vehicle! Click here to get pre-approved today.

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