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At Aerospace Federal Credit Union (AFCU), our mission is your financial success. We want you to know that we are here to help you through this coronavirus (COVID-19) public health crisis. The safety and soundness of AFCU continues to be steadfast, fortified by a strong capital position and solid business practices. We take the responsibility of your finances extremely seriously and have confidence that the AFCU is a safe and secure place for you to save and borrow today and well into the future.

Since our charter in 1961, there have been many ups and downs in the economy and affronts to our way of life, but one thing has remained constant – the AFCU has remained a safe harbor for members to weather the storms. We believe this health emergency and resulting economic upheaval, although unprecedented, will be no different.

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and need financial assistance, we’re here to help. We understand that the situation you are in may be out of your control and our staff is ready to discuss and provide solutions that may be available to you. Some ways we are prepared to help include:

Loan Assistance - Understanding that this health emergency can strain your budget, we are prepared to work with you to make your current AFCU loan payments more affordable, which may include deferring your payments for a period of time.

Emergency Loans - This loan provides an affordable way to fill an income gap during this health emergency.

Waiver of Early Withdrawal Penalty - All early withdrawal penalties are waived if your situation requires that you take funds from a share certificate before maturity.

Direct Deposit Advance - Based on your established relationship with AFCU, you may have the option to advance against a future direct deposit at no cost.

In addition to these flexible solutions to address the challenges you may be facing, rest assured that your savings at AFCU are federally insured to [at least] $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency that is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America.

For additional information about COVID-19 and how to keep you and your family safe, please view the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at coronavirus.gov.


Marvin L. Thomas
Aerospace Federal Credit Union

Aerospace FCU
Aerospace Federal Credit Union is not part of any Government, Federal, State, or County Assistance Programs. Loan assistance that we are providing to support our membership during this health crisis is through our internal program. For more information, please contact Member Services at 800-795-2325 option 5. Thank you
4/6/2020 12:58:20 PM

I would like to know if AFCU is working with the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses?
I am a member of AFCU but do not have my business accounts with the credit union.
Please let me know.
4/6/2020 11:42:02 AM

Aerospace FCU
We understand this is a difficult time and we want to assure you that AFCU is committed to providing financial services to our members. With our Bill Pay feature in our AeroAccess Home Banking platform you have the ability to pay a business or person. You can do one-time payments, or set up recurring payments. We are also accepting written requests from members who want checks payable to someone other than themselves. Just provide the amount, the payee, and the address you want the checks sent to (home or business). For assistance, please call Member Services at 800-795-2325 option 5. Thank you!
4/3/2020 9:47:34 AM

Lynette W.
Hello there I work at the Child Development Center across the street from you guys . It’s going to be hard for me to get cashiers checks when I can’t come over there since I not a Aerospace badge holder. I call you guys and y’all have me some numbers and addresses to your sister branches ,I did go to one and they said they will know longer see other members from different credit unions..So I’m out of Luck. My next step is to take my money out and go some where else..So how are you guys helping in this situation?
4/2/2020 4:34:27 PM

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