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Well, it is finally time to say goodbye to 2020. It has been a year unlike any other, and with all the challenges associated with managing through a pandemic, I’m proud to say your Aerospace Federal Credit Union has remained strongly committed to providing financial products and services to our members that make a difference in the quality of life; such as better than average savings rates, a car loan to assist with your transportation needs, a Visa credit card for state of the art payment services, or mortgage lending services, AFCU has been there for you.

I am also pleased to announce the AFCU Board of Directors has once again approved a bonus dividend of half a million dollars! Members who saved with the AFCU and earned a dividend during 2020, will receive a pro rata share of the $500,000 bonus dividend and is slated for payment on December 31, 2020. Please check your account balance online, or your December 2020 account statement, to see your share of the bonus dividend.

We view the new year, 2021, as a year of continued prosperity, and more importantly, hope. Accordingly, we will continue to do our best to provide you value when you choose AFCU as your financial partner. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the quality of life of each AFCU member.  

It is my sincere wish the new year finds you and your family safe, healthy, and looking forward to a bright future. So, to that end, Happy New Year from Aerospace Federal Credit Union!


Marvin L. Thomas
Aerospace Federal Credit Union

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