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Google Pay FAQ

What is Google Pay?
Google Pay allows you to pay for purchases with an Android™ phone by holding the phone near a contactless reader at participating merchants. This is a mobile payment for Android, similar to Apple PayTM for iPhone®. Currently AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks support Google Pay.

How can I make a payment using Google Pay?
You can use Google Pay in stores where you see contactless terminals with either of these logos:

You don’t have to open the Google Pay app to make a purchase with your NFC phone.

How does Google Pay Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology work?
In addition to placing the cards in the cloud, two other key concepts have to come together to make an end-to-end solution. First, the phone Operating System (OS) must allow communication from a contactless reader at a merchant Point of Sale (POS) to get the credentials from somewhere other than the secure element. The credentials are the authentication elements that prove the user is who they say they are. Second, an application such as Google Pay must provide security, manage transactions, and utilize data about the user, phone, and merchant POS.

Can I use Google Pay for in-app purchases?
Yes, you can use Google Pay to pay for things in apps. Google Pay isn’t just for buying things at brick-and-mortar stores. At checkout, you will touch the Google Pay purchase button. You may also be prompted to select a payment method and enter their shipping address before confirming your order. If you don’t like entering 16 digits, an expiration date, and CVV each time you want to buy something, this feature is a relief.

Will Google Pay use near field communication technology like Apple Pay?
Google Pay relies on a form of NFC called Host Card Emulation (HCE). This technology does not require access to a secure element embedded in the phone like Apple Pay, and instead card data is stored in the cloud. Android is an open source code with thousands of versions, so the secure element is not a viable solution.

What is the difference between Google Pay and Google Wallet?
In January 2018, Google combined Google Wallet into the new Google Pay solution. Google Pay lets you use your phone to pay in stores with most credit or debit cards across eligible Android devices. It also lets you send and request money, load money to your account and use that balance for payments. Google Pay can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Will I need to have an active Internet connection for Google Pay to work?
Google Pay requires an active Internet connection when making a purchase. It also requires an active Internet connection when adding or removing a payment card and to download transaction history. You can connect via a Wi-Fi network or using your mobile data connection.

Will I continue to earn rewards and benefits from their payments cards when they pay using Google Pay?
When you make a payment with Google Pay, you will continue to receive the rewards and benefits (such as points or cash back) your physical card provides.

How can my member add our credit union card?
Google Pay comes preloaded on several devices. If their phone doesn’t have the app, they can simply download it from Google Play. If they already have a card in their Google account they can simply add it to Google Pay by confirming a few details, or they can add a new card from any participating credit union—it’s as simple as snapping a picture. Then they simply unlock their phone and tap to use Google Pay at any of the over one million store locations throughout the US that accept contactless payments.

How many cards can I add in the Google Pay app store?
As many as you would like! There is no limit on the number of cards storable in the Google Pay app.

How long will it take for my card to activate after adding it to Google Pay?
The average amount of time it takes before the card is fully active for use after being added and verified will vary slightly between issuers, but should not take more than a few minutes.

Can I add a card when they are outside the United States?
Yes, as long as your member has an active connection to the Internet.

How secure are Google Pay Transactions?
Host Card Emulation services in the OS unlock the intelligence of the HCE client app to support multi-level security methods called for by the Visa® and Mastercard® HCE specifications. Security against authorized account access in HCE depends on four key concepts: keys, tokenization, device fingerprinting or passcodes, and dynamic risk analysis.

Visa uses limited use keys (LUK), which are derived from a master key. Replenishment of the LUK is driven by thresholds, such as time to live, dollar amount and number of transactions. Mastercard uses single use keys (SUK). The SUK truly is single use and there is one SUK per transaction. Multiple SUKs are stored on the device and as they are used additional SUKs are loaded from the cloud card management vendor onto the device. The single use key is used along with a Mobile PIN to produce a session key used for generating online cryptograms used in the online authorization message.

Tokenization reduces risk for credit unions by replacing the PAN with a tokenized pseudo-PAN used in the payment system without impacting the acquiring side. Device profiles or “fingerprints” are intended to ensure transactions are initiated only by authorized user devices at recognized POS locations. Finally, user/device/account data is used to perform risk assessment for the transaction in real time through the client app and issuer backend.

Is fingerprint authentication required for Google Pay?
Fingerprint scanning is the most secure smartphone authentication method right now. New Android phones offer fingerprint authentication as a means of authentication.

Google Pay also accepts a PIN code, password, or pattern to authenticate a transaction. To make a purchase, you tap your phone on the payment terminal, enter your passcode, and the transaction is complete.

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?
Google provides a service called Android Device Manager that allows you to find, locate and erase your device if it is lost or stolen. Additionally, you can contact Aerospace Federal Credit Union for cards added to Google Pay and you can disable the card token.

Can Google Pay be used in a poor service area?
Google Pay can only perform a limited number of transactions in dead zones. If you’re without cellular or Wi-Fi Internet access and need to use Google Pay, the app will tap into a limited number of stored tokens on the device.

Which merchants accept Google Pay?
Hundreds of thousands of stores and Android apps are already committed to Google Pay, and more are coming on board every day. You can view a current sampling at: https://www.android.com/pay/where-to-use/

Where can I get more information on Google Pay?
More information is available at pay.google.com