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Surcharge-Free ATMs

Access Your Money in Thousands of Locations

Our partnership with CO-OP Network provides you with access to 30,000 fee-free ATMs (including 9,000 deposit-taking), at locations like your local Costco and 7-Eleven convenience stores. Just look for the logo, or click here to find one near your home or office. Deposit-taking ATMs will display a special CO-OP logo and be listed on the locator.

  CO-OP ATM logo

Use your ATM or VISA Debit card to perform the following transactions on your account:

  • Withdraw cash - up to $500 per day
  • Make deposits (at AFCU and CO-OP Network Deposit-taking ATMs)
  • Obtain account balance
  • Make point-of-sale transactions (VISA Debit only)
  • Make purchases (VISA Debit only)

Your AFCU ATM and VISA Debit cards are simple and convenient to use. To access your AFCU Account(s), all you need is your ATM card (for Regular Share Accounts) or VISA Debit card (for Regular Share and Checking Accounts) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which will be assigned to you and known only by you.

In addition to the receipt you receive after each transaction, AFCU will send you a monthly statement reflecting all of your ATM and VISA Debit activity.

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